Muse-Maalin Family

Farah Muse and Farhiya Maalin are excited and happy that they will become Habitat homeowners and will have the opportunity to care for their own house. Farah and Farhiya have 7 children – Hibo (8), Khalid (7), Yusra (6), Jacfar (4), Zahuur (3), Adbimalik (2), and Abdiquafaar (8 months).

Farah works as an assembly technician at New Flyer and Farhiya is a PCA with Twins Home Health Care.

The family is very close and spends a lot of time together. A lot of that time is spent playing soccer, being outside and doing other sports. The family also loves getting together with friends and has many gatherings over food. They look forward to hosting in a home they own.

The family strives to live a life full of happiness. Farah believes being a Habitat homeowner will help the family continue to achieve this since it will give them the freedom of having their own space. They believe being homeowners will also help their children continue to get a good education when they have the foundation of stable, affordable housing.
Farah is looking forward to working on the construction of their future house. He said learning about the process will help give Farah and Farhiya understanding of how to care for their house when they move in.

The couple has already completed many of their sweat equity hours volunteering at ReStore. They said they’ve enjoyed meeting the other volunteers and customers. Farah said it’s a great place to work and that he learned a lot of useful skills at ReStore.