Rick Nelson, Executive Director

Rick Nelson, Executive Director
September 11, 2018

Rick has over 35 years of experience serving non-profits as a senior pastor, executive leader, and consultant in various contexts both domestically and internationally. He has devoted his career to working with people seeking to improve their lives and enjoy their very best possible future, working on behalf of movements focused in the areas of children and families, homelessness, food scarcity, affordable housing, community building, and cooperative interfaith ventures. In addition to his undergrad degrees in education and communication, Rick has a Master’s degree in theology and ministry, as well as a doctorate in leadership from Luther Seminary in St. Paul.

Rick grew up in the San Diego area and has spent over 17 years in Minnesota. He and his wife Kristen—a Stearns County girl—and 13-year-old daughter Lucy enjoy any activities on or near the water, movies, reading, and the live music scene. Along with golf, theater, and their dogs (Fiona and Joe) their lives are busy, rich, and happy. “I am so thrilled to lead within an organization with such a great reputation, talented staff, and long-standing commitment to the vision and work of seeing to it that everyone has a decent place to live, at a price they can afford.”

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