Group Opportunities

August 20, 2018

Volunteer as a Business or Organization

Step 1: Find the Volunteer Opportunity that is Right for Your Group

Volunteering with CMHFH is a great way to build relationships and team morale in your group, church, business, or organization. We welcome groups on the construction site and for special projects.

On Construction Sites
Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity uses volunteer labor to build homes with low-income families. Construction Volunteers participate in the building of homes at most stages of construction. Federal regulations prohibit children under the age of 14 to be on site. For children ages 14-15, they are not allowed on site during construction but can engage in limited activities such as clean-up, landscaping, or painting. For children ages 16-17, they can be on site during construction, but cannot use power tools, cannot be on ladders, and cannot do demolition. All volunteers under the age of 18 must have an adult supervisor at the ratio of 2-3 students per adult.

  • 4-8 hour Shifts
  • 4-8 people per shift

Special Projects

We are always looking for more ways to better serve our families. If you have an idea of how your group might get involved please let us know!

Step 2: Fill out the Group Volunteer Form Online

Fill out our online Group Volunteer Form. After you submit this form our volunteer coordinator will contact you about opportunities that might fit your needs.

Step 3: Print and Fill out Volunteer Waivers

Our volunteers must sign a volunteer waiver every year.  Please have your group members review our volunteer waiver, print and sign it. You can either send waivers to the CMHFH office prior to volunteering or bring them with on your first volunteer day.

Step 4: Volunteer!

We know your group will have a blast volunteering with us. As the adage goes, “Many hands make light work,” and we are so grateful your group has decided to put their hands to work with CMHFH. It is only through dedicated groups like yours that together we can change the lives of local families by helping them to purchase their very own home. Thank you!!!

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