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Homeownership Program


Providing a lifetime of growth to Central Minnesota.

Our Homeownership Program provides much more than housing to area residents. It provides stability and security that can transforms generations.

Affordable homeownership helps free individuals and families from stress and fear and encourages self-reliance and confidence. Studies show that stable households have a strong impact on child development. When a home provides health and safety, people are more likely to flourish. Owning an affordable home also enables homeowners to save for the future and invest in educational opportunities that promote long-term career growth.

How does the program work?

Our Homeownership Program provides quality housing to low-income residents in Stearns, Sherburne, Benton, and Wright counties. We do not give houses away for free. Instead, we provide affordable mortgages for households selected for partnership.

What is the process?

Potential homebuyers apply for the program and begin the selection process.

Selected households become partner homebuyers with CMHFH.

Partner homebuyers participate in an educational series, put in 200 hours of sweat equity, and work on savings throughout the 2-3 year construction process.

Partner homebuyers prepare for closing.

Partner homebuyers purchase their home, become homeowners and move into a simple, decent, affordable home!

How do you qualify?

You’re able to pay for an affordable mortgage.

  • You have a steady income that meets income requirements.
  • Your debt and credit history pass our evaluation
  • Your debt-to-income is under 43%; We also look for active judgments, liens and charge offs
  • You must meet residency requirements.
  • You must pass a background check.

The number of households selected for partnership during an application period depends on many factors. Unfortunately, we are not able to partner with all qualified eligible households who apply to CMHFH.

You're in need of better housing.

Examples of need include one or more of the following:

  • You’re spending over 30% of household income on housing
  • Your current space is overcrowded
  • You’re living in temporary/unstable housing
  • You’re living in housing that is unsafe or has bad heating, poor plumbing, pests, and/or structural problems
  • You have someone with special needs that are not being met by your current housing

Your income falls within the guidelines.

You're willing to partner with us.

  • You complete all applications materials honestly and turn them in—along with other requested documents throughout the partnership—on time
  • You complete at least 200 hours of Sweat Equity per household. (Read about sweat equity below.*)
  • You attend homeowner educational classes on financial management, homeowner responsibilities, home maintenance, and mortgages.
  • You’re willing to move to current or future CMHFH home locations.
  • You’re willing to have your story publicized. Exceptions are made as needed.

*Sweat equity is mostly completed with physical work on your house or other houses that are being built by CMHFH, but there are also other opportunities available to complete sweat equity. Other opportunities include baking, office work, and help at major events hosted by CMHFH. Of the 200 hours required per household, 50 hours can be done by family and friends working alongside the family member.

When can I apply for a home?

Fill out the form below if you want to be notified when we’re able to accept applications. You can also watch for updates on social media.

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