Project Revive!

“Project Revive is one of the most exciting new projects our community will see this year. Neighborhood revitalization holds incredible potential for building partnerships and creating a ‘Let’s lend a hand and work together’ attitude in neighborhoods that need it most. This initiative has great promise to protect the existing affordable housing in our community.” -Dick Bitzan

Create the community you love. Project Revive will help breathe new life into core St. Cloud neighborhoods.

Many parts of the Core Neighborhoods in the city of St. Cloud suffer from aging, run-down, empty and abandoned properties that impact the values of surrounding properties, present safety and security issues for the neighbors and drag down the spirit of the neighborhood. A 2013 St. Cloud Housing Study also identified 8,500 low-to- moderate income families struggling with some kind of housing issue – including substandard conditions, overcrowding and excessive cost burden.

A focused investment will build pride for homeowners with the help of local faith communities, neighborhood associations, and volunteers, creating neighborhoods where families can thrive.

Volunteer and donate today and be part of this exciting new project.