Abdikarim Ahmed & Zeinab Hashi Family – 2015

Abdikarim Ahmed & Zeinab Hashi Family – 2015

“Surreal… dream come true… happy…excited”- this is what the family said when they were told that they had been accepted into our homeownership program. The couple and their eight children- Asha, Abdirahman, Hafsa, Fardosa, Omar, Rahma, Musab, and Sumeya are excited to be able to make their house a home.

The kids are excited to have room to play soccer and basketball. They believe by having a permanent place to call home will help them realize their dreams. Abdikarim would like to be a professor again- he was teaching in Kenya prior to coming to the U.S. The kids have goals to become a fashion designer, english teacher, nuerologist, NBA player, legal aid, math teacher and nurse.

Currently Abdikarim works as a paralegal and Zeinab stays home and takes care of their children.  They have started on their sweat equity hours and are looking forward to learning tools to help them be successful homeowners.  While they are nervous about the expenses and maintenance of owning a house, they believe in themselves to do it.

They say “thank you a million times” to the volunteers and donors that helped them to become homeowners. They do not feel they could accomplish this without the help of Habitat for Humanity and supporters.

The family closed on their house October 2015.