Jama-Aynab Family – 2018

Jama-Aynab Family – 2018

Khadra and Saleban, and their four children, Ibrahim (9), Juweriya (8), Riyan (6), and Adnan (5), are very excited to be a part of the Habitat family. Saleban said his head was “full of relief” when they learned they were going to be homeowners.

The family is most looking forward to being able to settle – something they couldn’t quite do when living in an apartment. Being homeowners will also allow them to focus on putting money towards paying off a mortgage. They want to save so they have an emergency fund and then put any extra money they can towards their mortgage with the hopes of paying it off early, giving them more financial freedom in the future.

Through homeownership, Khadra and Saleban plan to teach their children how to be responsible and take care of a house. They also look forward to all the fun and freedom they will be able to have with their kids growing up in a house.  The family loves to spend time outdoors and looks forward to soccer matches in their backyard, BBQs with friends and a safe place for their children to play.

Khadra said she is looking forward to being the manager of her own house, learning how to make minor repairs and who to contact when they may need larger repairs in the future.

Living in a home will also help with the kids’ dog and smoke allergies. The family currently has to walk past smokers out with their dogs at the entrance of the apartment.

The family is very grateful. They are looking forward to living in a house and sharing their story with volunteers, sponsors and other potential Habitat homeowners.

Khadra and Saleban signed their mortgage papers in February 2018 to become Habitat homeowners.