Mireh-Mohamud Family – 2018

Mireh-Mohamud Family – 2018

Saeedo Mireh and Abdihakim Mohamud were ready for their final move into a Habitat home.

They were living in a 3-bedroom apartment with their five children, Sakeria, Sadiik, Sahaam, Hamza, and Zubaida. There have been many times when the landlord had told them they were over the limit and they needed to move out. They said it was almost impossible to find a 4-bedroom apartment that was both affordable and available.

Saeedo says being a homeowner with an affordable mortgage already helps them save money. But she is most excited that her children are now able to grow up in a house of their own.

Moving into a Habitat home will help build some stability in their life. The family won’t have to think about where they will be moving next and can instead focus on family time, school, and work. Saeedo said she likes that having a home will give them a home base even when her children grow up and eventually move out – they will still have a stable place they can come to at the end of each day and reunite as a family.

Being in a home will also help with the children’s allergies.  They enjoy having a house where they don’t have carpet for this reason.  The kids are also excited to have more space to run around and play – and a front and backyard.  Saeedo and Abdihakim worked hard, putting in a lot of their sweat equity (volunteer hours) at ReStore, Habitat’s former retail store, and have enjoyed learning about how such a store is a good place to circulate and put to use extra and lightly used items.

The family is very excited to be a Habitat family and anticipate the benefits of this next, more stable, chapter of their lives.

Abdihakim and Saeedo signed their mortgage papers in February 2018 to become Habitat homeowners.