Youth Volunteers

Anyone can contribute to CMHFH and we welcome volunteers of all ages. However, in accordinance with Federal Labor Laws there are limitations to what activites  volunteers under the age of 18 can participate in.

16+ Years of Age
  • Can participate in construction but may not perform hazardous activities (this includes power tools, motorized vehicles, demolition, roofing, excavation, or working at heights of six feet or more)
14-15 Years of Age
  • Cannot volunteer on construction sites while construction is taking place
  • Can help with clean up, landscaping, or painting on construction sites
  • Can help with lawn mowing, shoveling, or cleaning
14 Years of Age and Younger
  • Deliver flyers
  • Help with baking
  • Bike in the Habitat 500
  • Host a fundraiser
*Anyone under the age of 13 is not allowed on on construction sites
*All youth require supervision at a 2 to 1 ratio
To read more about these policies you can visit  the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s website.
Ways to Get Youth Involved
A simple and great way to get youth involved is through fundraising and advocating. Volunteers in the past have ran lemonade stand fundraisers, challenged their school to penny wars, or helped us deliver flyers to local neighborhoods.
If you want to get your family, classroom, youth group, or club involved with CMHFH please contact our Volunteer Manager  (320-248-8256) for more ideas!